March 11, 2011, fell on a Friday, the day I run errands and go to the market. Until 2:46 p.m., about an hour before my thirteen-year-old son, Sam, would return home from his international school in …


Cheju of South Korea is a place of astonishing natural beauty. An essay appears in this month’s T+L.

Travel + Leisure

TONY & SUSAN by Austin Wright is a masterful achievement in literature: Times Online

Times of London

image An essay on my complicated issues about traveling appears in TRAVEL + LEISURE (Southeast Asia) in the April 2009 issue. It was surprisingly funny to brood on my anxieties about leaving the house. In the process of writing this essay, I figured out that I love the learning and seeing bits of travel even more than my consuming fear of the unknown. My T+L editors were Chris Kucway, Paul Ehrlich & Matt Leppard.


I was fortunate enough to eat at the sublime Ryugin restaurant in Tokyo, and my essay of the delicious experience appears in the September issue of FOOD & WINE.

Food & WIne Magazine

Sex, Debt, and Revenge: Balzac’s Cousin BetteBy MIN JIN LEE. Not too long ago, my friend Harold told me that if he didn’t have to earn a living, …

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