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“Sources say the eight-episode drama — the third show from Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res — is among the biggest budgeted productions the iPhone maker has in the works.”

The author Min Jin Lee RI ‘19 asks, “Who are the modern Koreans, and what do they care about?” To answer this enormously complex question, Lee explores the will of Koreans to survive and flourish as global citizens, their enduring faith in education, and the costs of such a quest and what it may mean to the larger world they seek to engage. She explains that when she’s writing, she isn’t just writing about Koreans, education, or the diaspora—she’s writing about humans.

“I’ve been asked why I write about Koreans,” Lee said. “And it seems like such a strange question. Because why wouldn’t I write about Koreans? To me, Koreans are mothers and fathers and daughters and sons, which means Koreans are like us; we are worthy of consideration and reflection."

“‘Pachinko’ by Min Jin Lee was one of the most popular books at Cambridge Public Library in 2018.”

“Pachinko” included in the Top 10 Books in Manhattan

“‘Pachinko’ is one of those family sagas that you get lost in, forgetting the passage of time, disappearing into places far away — a poor fisherman’s cramped lodging house; a fragrant restaurant kitchen where kimchee is crafted; a noisy pachinko parlor; a hospital room where generations become linked. ‘Sweeping’ and ‘epic’ are words that are always applied to books like this, but they fit; you leave ‘Pachinko’ feeling changed, as if your world got a little bigger.”

“Grace Dickinson nominates this sprawling, emotional saga of a Korean family over four generations, exquisitely written and almost universally admired.”