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”‘Pachinko’ is one of those family sagas that you get lost in, forgetting the passage of time, disappearing into places far away — a poor fisherman’s cramped lodging house; a fragrant restaurant kitchen where kimchee is crafted; a noisy pachinko parlor; a hospital room where generations become linked. ‘Sweeping’ and ‘epic’ are words that are always applied to books like this, but they fit; you leave ‘Pachinko’ feeling changed, as if your world got a little bigger.”

“Grace Dickinson nominates this sprawling, emotional saga of a Korean family over four generations, exquisitely written and almost universally admired.”

WSJ Women In Work Conference, San Francisco

Lee said she’d planned for Boston to be a setting in her new book even before she moved here. “Boston is an epicenter of education,” she said. “People around the world want to come here to this city to be educated. You can’t not include Boston in this book.”

“Above all, I would like to create a welcoming space for non-writers and advanced writers to take greater risks in their written expression.” She hopes to help students “fall in love with the generative process,” she said. “Each draft teaches us more about what we want to say, and I would be happy if my students learned to see that in their work — that with their efforts, they are approaching who they are, what they want to say, and what they care about.”