New Republic


Is Trump Ruining Book Sales: Authors and publishers alike are finding that it’s hard to sell books in a political climate where truth is stranger than fiction.

By Morgan Jerkin


A very interesting and smart essay written by Morgan Jerkin in the New Republic. 

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“Even with these falling sales numbers, fictional political works have been given much more media attention in the Trump era, perhaps because of their newfound urgency. Min Jin Lee, author of Pachinko, a sprawling, multi-generational saga of a Korean immigrant family that struggles to assimilate in imperial Japan, said, “My novels critique money, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and history; consequently, my politics are very evident in my books. I think readers will not read my books unless they are interested in those topics.” Evidently, many of them are. The novel was released not long after Trump’s initial executive order declaring a Muslim ban, and received rave reviews from NPR, USA Today, and The New York Times Book Review. Anne Branigin of Fusion included Pachinko as one of the books of writers shedding light on Trump’s ban.”