Free Food for Millionaires is Junot Diaz’s Summer Reading Pick at The New Yorker

![](/uploads/Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 5_21_13 PM.png)“Because I teach during the regular months, summer is where I can indulge in what I love most: a free-for-all reading spree. Already got my next four victims lined up. First, a novel I’ve read once before but I can’t resist a double serving of: Min Jin Lee’s “Free Food for Millionaires.” One of the great first novels of the past decade and a book that is simultaneously profound and un-put-down-able. From the moment Casey, our yearning kickass protagonist, finds her white boyfriend in bed with two other gals, this book just grabs on, and it don’t matter whether you’re on a ferry to somewhere awesome or stuck in a lousy job you hate, this book will thrill you to the bone. Lee writes her (and your) ass off. This is one everybody should read.”

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