Yonhap News Agency: “Top 10 Bestsellers in South Korea’s Foreign Fiction List”

A profile of my work appeared this month in the Yonhap News—South Korea’s official news agency. I was interviewed by the journalist Shin Hae-in of Yonhap.

The interview begins… “She was once cast in with that sea of would-be authors, struggling to find a publisher for her debut novel: a lengthy, dense work full of complex characters that might intimidate even the most voracious reader.

Now, people call her the “21st century Jane Austen,” and Lee Min-jin has become one of the few Korean-American writers to have their book translated into the language of their parents.”


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This version of the Yonhap story ran in the Joongang Ilbo—the Korean partner paper of the International Herald Tribune: Joongang Ilbo.