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"Our bodies carry history, culture and hope" (on Kamala Harris)

Politico, November 2020

Our bodies carry history, culture and hope. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris holds the history, culture and hope of three continents—North America, Africa and Asia. As a first in so many categories, she defies limited imaginations and resists simple reduction. For some, Harris is viewed as too progressive, and for others, as too conservative. What is undeniable is that Harris cannot help but lead ably from a foundation of rigorous education and political experience—all through the wide lens of a multiracial American woman and daughter of immigrants. As attorney general of California and as a U.S. senator with deep knowledge of foreign relations and a genuine concern for the environment, Harris has more than demonstrated that she is a principled, capable and moral public servant.

Let the record stand: Today is occasion for national joy. Harris’ leadership and service have the power to heal and restore our beloved nation and our place in the world.

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