Saturday, 14 March at 12:30pm (at M) M Literary Lunch: Free Food for Millionaires—Min Jin Lee exquisitely evokes what it’s like to be an immigrant, and more specifically the child of immigrants. As much as Free Food for Millionaires is an immigrant story, it’s also a story full of class struggle, rugged individualism, social status, and above all, the money haves and have-nots. And, it is an epic meditation on love littered with betrayals, illicit sex, numerous levels of unfaithfulness, surprise twists and unexpected turns of the heart. Enjoy M’s lovely lunch followed by Min Jin Lee in conversation with Dania Shawwa Abuali.

Saturday, 14 March at 3:30pm (at the Fringe Club) Family Dysfunction—His father is a half-mad, violent Eastern European artist. His Chinese mother is subservient, and much-suffering; she buffers herself from the dysfunctional family by quoting Buddhist wisdom. In Thaddeus Rutkowski’s offbeat coming-of-age novel, a biracial narrator tells of growing up in rural America and later escaping to a new life in New York City. Min Jin Lee discusses the tenuous relationship between first generation immigrant parents and their hip young offspring. Her novel, Free Food for Millionaires centers on the tightly knit social world of Korean immigrants, whose children strive to blend into their American foreground without clashing with their distinctive background. Moderated by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

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