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WRITINGS : Criticism

"Fictions of North Korea"

The Times Literary Supplement, March 2017

"'Eyesight Compromised. Could Go Blind,'" (Review of Frank Bruni's The Beauty of Dusk)

The New York Times, February 2022

"The Imperfect and Sublime 'Gatsby,'"

The New York Review of Books, January 2021

"Korean Souls" (Review of Han Kang's Human Acts),

The New York Review of Books, July 2018

"Was It the Perfect Crime or a Paranoid Fantasy?" (Review of Junichiro Tanizaki's In Black and White)

The New York Times, February 2018

"Work-Life Balance Suffers (Even) in Victorian England" (Review of Sarah Moss's Signs for Lost Children)

The New York Times, April 2017

"Review: Toni Morrison's Home"

The Times of London, April 2012

Review: March Was Made of Yarn, ed. by David Karashima and Elmer Luke

The Times of London, March 2012

Review: Cynthia Ozick's Foreign Bodies, The Times of London, June 2011

The Times of London, June 2011

"My favorite book of 2010": Austin Wright's Tony & Susan

The Times of London, May 2010

"Money as An American Character and the Legacy of Permission: Or How Mark Twain Taught Me That It Was Okay to Talk About Money"

The Mark Twain Anthology: Great Writers on His Life and Works, ed. by Shelley Fisher Fishkin, March 2010.

Review: Susie Orbach's Bodies

The Times of London, January 2009

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