Vineyard Gazette: Profile
When the Odds Favor the House, It’s Still Important to Feel Lucky
New Republic
New York Public Library: Conversation with Simon Winchester and Min Jin Lee (Podcast)
Live at the Tenement Museum: Pachinko with AAWW’s Ken Chen and Min Jin Lee (Video)
Introduced by my amazing sister, Myung J. Lee, the Executive Director of Cities of Service.
Irish Independent (Profile)
I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Lynch of the Irish Independent. A profile of my work appears in the Review (Irish Independent) on June 24, 2017. Thank you. Link:
Radio Gorgeous UK (Podcast with Donna Freed)
I had a terrific time speaking with Donna Freed on RADIO GORGEOUS. To listen to the podcast, please click on the link below.
Nikkei Asian Review: Profile
By Fran Kuzui, Contributing Writer
Hay Festival: Min Jin Lee and Julianne Pachico talk with Lena de Casparis (Audio)
Min Jin Lee and Julianne Pachico talk to Lena de Casparis
Irish Times (Podcast with Roisin Ingle)
By Jennifer Ryan
Asia Society: Interview
Minnesota Public Radio: The Thread’s Book of the Week
A novel that asks: How do we forgive the ones we love?
The interview with Kyung B. Yoon begins on minute 10.15.
The Boston Globe: The Story Behind the Book
Columbia University: Weatherhead East Asian Institute
April 19, 2017 by Ross Yelsey
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center & Bloom Magazine
On History, Survival & Intimacy
New York Society Library: Pachinko Conversation with Jeannette Watson Sanger and Min Jin Lee (Video)
Reading Women (Podcast)
I got to talk with the wonderful hosts Kendra D. Winchester and Autumn Privett of Reading Women. Thank you, Kendra and Autumn.
RN ABC: Books & Arts (Australia) with Michael Cathcart (AUDIO)
Friday 17 March 2017 10:05AM (view full episode)
Lit Up Podcast with Angela Ledgerwood (AUDIO)
I had the opportunity to talk with Angela Ledgerwood, the host of the brilliant podcast, Lit Up. Angela is smart, funny and gorgeous. Oh, and she’s also kindhearted. 
The Japan Times: Profile of Min Jin Lee and PACHINKO
‘Pachinko’ author Min Jin Lee on how Japan’s ethnic Koreans keep beating the odds
POPMATTERS: An Interview with Min Jin Lee
Other Ppl with Brad Listi (PODCAST)
Min Jin Lee speaks with novelist and host Brad Listi of the Other People Podcast. Pachinko is the official February selection of THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN BOOK CLUB.
BookTalk with Cyd Oppenheimer (AUDIO)
Episode 34
Foyles Bookstore: Interview on UK Publication Day for PACHINKO
Where did you get the idea for the story?
WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show (AUDIO)
Published by
Publishers Weekly Radio: Interview with Rose Fox and Mark Rotella (AUDIO) Episode 213
An interview with PW Radio as PACHINKO hits No. 22 on the Publishers Weekly Hardcover Fiction Bestseller List.
Goodreads: Good Minds
Min Jin Lee immigrated to Queens with her mother, father, and two sisters when she was seven years old. The backdrop of her bestselling debut novel, Free Food for Millionaires, a coming-of-age story of an immigrant college graduate, was set in her childhood neighborhood of Elmhurst. Now, after ten years, Lee’s second novel, Pachinko, follows a Korean-Japanese family across four generations. Lee learned about the history of the Korean-Japanese community in 1989, when she was a junior in college, and has worked on this novel ever since. Pachinko is the story of Sunja, a young woman who loves her family and struggles to survive in the face of historical upheavals and injustice. Lee says that to work on books for such a long time requires love. So, in the month of hearts and cupids, Lee shares the books that, for her, define love: Ain’t I a Woman by bell hooks CLAY WALLS
I recommend CLAY WALLS by Ronyoung Kim wholeheartedly as a seminal work by an important immigrant author.
National Book Review: Conversation with Sharon Pomerantz
Min Jin Lee’s 2007 national bestselling novel Free Food for Millionaires was set in the world of Korean immigrants and their children striving for success in New York. Addictively readable, it headed up “top ten novels of the year” lists everywhere from The Times of London to NPR and USA Today. Readers and critics alike found it both intellectually compelling and hard to put down (I remember several nights of turning pages at 2 a.m.). Both a feminist story of one young woman’s quest to break away from her immigrant family’s demands and find personal fulfillment, and a hard-hitting social commentary on the toll exacted by the American Dream, Free Food For Millionaires reads less like a debut and more like the work of a long established master. Liesl Schillinger, writing in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, compared the book to Middlemarch by George Eliot; Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
NPR’s MORNING EDITION: Interview with Lynn Neary (Podcast)
PACHINKO Is A Family Saga of Exile, Discrimination…And Japanese Pinball
New York Times Book Review Interview with Editor Pamela Paul (Podcast)
The Pachinko Interview segment follows the interviews Editor Pamela Paul has with Daphne Merkin and a report with Alexandra Alter.
BookPage Cover Story: Interview by Adam Morgan
February 2017
ProBookNerds Podcast
A Conversation with Adam Sockel of ProBookNerds, sponsored by OverDrive Libraries. Adam Sockel and Min Jin Lee discuss the writing of PACHINKO at the American Library Association Midwinter 2017.
PEN TEN Interview
Origins Journal Interview
Min Jin Lee: Identity, Love, and Exile
Wall Street Journal- Asia, April 3, 2009
When I was in Hong Kong for the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival, I was interviewed by the journalist Saul Sugarman who is also on the staff of the Far Eastern Economic Review.
South China Morning Post - March 1, 2009
A profile of my work appeared in the Post - the English-language paper of Hong Kong. It was written by Melinda Harper. I recently visited Hong Kong for its Man Hong Kong Literary Festival, and it was a beautiful place.
Yonhap News Agency: “Top 10 Bestsellers in South Korea’s Foreign Fiction List”
A profile of my work appeared this month in the Yonhap News—South Korea’s official news agency. I was interviewed by the journalist Shin Hae-in of Yonhap.
“Forget the Comparisons, She’s Unique” - Newsweek
From the interview: Newsweek: But there was so much adultery in the book! Everyone was sleeping around and breaking up with each other. It’s sort of a dim view of love.
Fallout Central Podcast
New York Daily News
A first novel tells a sexy story of young Korean…
Washington Times
Trying on different hats
Virginian Pilot
In ‘Free Food,’ Lee takes an exquisite…
Min Jin Lee’s debut novel, Free Food for Millionaires, tells a story many of us can identify with. Casey, the daughter of working-class Korean immigrants in …
Asian American Writer’s Workshop
Min Jin Lee Min Jin Lee’s upcoming debut novel, Free Food for … Min Jin Lee: A pre-sell tour is when a publisher sends an author out around the country to …
New York Book Festival Runners-Up: Free Food For Millionaires ‚Äì Min Jin Lee Hard-Boiled Men ‚Äì Guy Jacobs HONORABLE MENTION: Crossing the Wire - Robert Kornhiser …
If you want a thick, extremely well written literary novel then rush out and pick up Free Food For Millionaires. It took me a while to read but every night I crawled into bed with it and marveled at how Min Jin Lee crafted this satisfying novel that weaves together so many themes.
Wall Street Journal Juggle Book Club Selection
Min Jin Lee on Leaders, Good Girls and the Discomforts of Wealth The Juggle spoke yesterday with Min Jin Lee, author of “Free Food for Millionaires” the third book in our Juggle book club. Ms. Lee called us from Tokyo, where she lives with her husband and 10-year-old son, and where she’s working on…
I was fortunate enough to meet Min Jin Lee, author of Free Food for Millionaires, at a reading here in DC a few months ago. She had read my first blog post about her book, and graciously signed my copy. A few months later, when I posted …
The Publishing Spot
A discussion of how to publish, specialty publishers, publishing companies, publishing opportunities, publishing agents, etc.
The Publishing Spot
This week I’m interviewing first-time novelist, Min Jin Lee about how she mastered this 19th Century technique in her new book. It’s called Free Food for Millionaires, an epic novel employing some unfamiliar writing tools that all …
Here’s what we know about Casey Han, the heroine of Min Jin Lee’s sprawling first novel: She’s the daughter of…
Read This (Life and Arts)
The first novel by Min Jin Lee looks at the precarious time after college graduation when dreams may not be realized, carefully laid plans can collapse and …
55 Secret Street
Min Jin Lee is the author of the fantastic, critically-acclaimed novel Free Food for Millionaires. You may remember it as one of my 55 Summer Favorites. Min went to Yale where she was awarded both the Henry Wright Prize for Nonfiction …
Newsweek Interview
Min Jin Lee’s ambitious debut novel, “Free Food for Millionaires,” has been showered with … Min Jin Lee: We migrated from Korea to the US when I was 7. …
Min Jin Lee is the author of Free Food for Millionaires. From an interview posted on her website:. Q: You‚Äôve chosen to write this book showing many points of view. Is there a reason why? More than anything, I wanted to try to write …
The Observer, Guardian
When stalking is the only comfort The Observer - Jun 24, 2007 Min Jin Lee explores the most fundamental crisis of immigrants’ children: how to bridge a generation gap so wide it is measured in oceans, gaping between …
The Urban Muse
Min Jin Lee is yet another example of the lawyer-turned-writer phenomenon. This Yale alum is the author of Free Food for Millionaires, a delightful debut novel about a recent college grad trying to reconcile the thriftiness of her …
Privilege and Poverty - A Rebellious Young Korean Woman Gets a Crash…
Casey Han has just graduated from Princeton on scholarship, when a visit to her parents’ apartment turns …
San Francisco Chronicle
Poor people stay poor because “they spend all their money on pride.” So says one of the characters in Min Jin Lee’s expansive first novel …
OC Register
The real lessons come after college is over OCRegister - Jun 3, 2007 The first novel by Min Jin Lee ‚ a Korean immigrant who went to Yale University,  looks at the precarious time after college graduation when dreams may not …
The Chronicle Journal
In Free Food, Lee takes exquisite look at life’s uncertainties Chronicle Journal - The Chronicle Journal - Jun 2, 2007 The first novel by Min Jin Lee - a Korean immigrant who went to Yale University - looks at the precarious time after college graduation when dreams may not …
Audrey Magazine
In her debut novel Free Food for Millionaires, author Min Jin Lee tackles the rarely explored world of modern Asian America in novel form with familiar …
Daily Camera
The first novel by Min Jin Lee - a Korean immigrant who went to Yale University - looks at the precarious time after college graduation when .
San Francisco Chronicle
Novel Looks at Life’s Uncertainties San Francisco Chronicle - May 30, 2007 The first novel by Min Jin Lee ‚Äî a Korean immigrant who went to Yale University ‚Äî looks at the precarious time after college graduation when dreams may not …
Out This Week
Other notable releases: fiction—Free Food for Millionaires, Min Jin Lee; The Overlook, Michael Connelly; nonfiction—God in My Corner: A Spiritual …
My thanks to Min Jin Lee,for giving me her time and thoughts for this interview. Free Food For Millionaires will be available everywhere and if you would like to know more about Min Jin and her work,please visit her official website by …
People Magazine
Washington Post
When a 22-year-old Princeton grad takes too long to find a job, her dad sends her packing. …
Springing Forward: Fiction/First Novels & Collections
The daughter of Korean immigrants navigates the Manhattan world of haves and have-nots.