New York Public Library: Conversation with Simon Winchester and Min Jin Lee (Podcast)
WAMC: The Book Show with Joe Donahue (Podcast)
Episode 1506
Radio Gorgeous UK (Podcast with Donna Freed)
I had a terrific time speaking with Donna Freed on RADIO GORGEOUS. To listen to the podcast, please click on the link below.
Hay Festival: Min Jin Lee and Julianne Pachico talk with Lena de Casparis (Audio)
Min Jin Lee and Julianne Pachico talk to Lena de Casparis
Irish Times (Podcast with Roisin Ingle)
By Jennifer Ryan
The Times Literary Supplement: Podcast
I had the chance to speak with Stig Abell and Thea Lenarduzzi about the books I reviewed for The Times Literary Supplement on its wonderful podcast. The segment on the literature about North Korea begins on 25.01.
The interview with Kyung B. Yoon begins on minute 10.15.
Washington Post: Book Review of Pachinko Audio
Reading Women (Podcast)
I got to talk with the wonderful hosts Kendra D. Winchester and Autumn Privett of Reading Women. Thank you, Kendra and Autumn.
RN ABC: Books & Arts (Australia) with Michael Cathcart (AUDIO)
Friday 17 March 2017 10:05AM (view full episode)
Lit Up Podcast with Angela Ledgerwood (AUDIO)
I had the opportunity to talk with Angela Ledgerwood, the host of the brilliant podcast, Lit Up. Angela is smart, funny and gorgeous. Oh, and she’s also kindhearted. 
Other Ppl with Brad Listi (PODCAST)
Min Jin Lee speaks with novelist and host Brad Listi of the Other People Podcast. Pachinko is the official February selection of THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN BOOK CLUB.
BookTalk with Cyd Oppenheimer (AUDIO)
Episode 34
WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show (AUDIO)
Published by
Publishers Weekly Radio: Interview with Rose Fox and Mark Rotella (AUDIO) Episode 213
An interview with PW Radio as PACHINKO hits No. 22 on the Publishers Weekly Hardcover Fiction Bestseller List.
NPR’s MORNING EDITION: Interview with Lynn Neary (Podcast)
PACHINKO Is A Family Saga of Exile, Discrimination…And Japanese Pinball
New York Times Book Review Interview with Editor Pamela Paul (Podcast)
The Pachinko Interview segment follows the interviews Editor Pamela Paul has with Daphne Merkin and a report with Alexandra Alter.
ProBookNerds Podcast
A Conversation with Adam Sockel of ProBookNerds, sponsored by OverDrive Libraries. Adam Sockel and Min Jin Lee discuss the writing of PACHINKO at the American Library Association Midwinter 2017.
New York Times Podcast
Martha Southgate on the vanishing black literary novel; Liesl Schillinger on Min Jin Lee; and Dwight Garner, senior editor, with best-seller news… [podcast]
WAMC Roundtable
As I Am
The Pilot features up and coming author Min Jin Lee as she discusses her new book Free Food for Millionaires with Boston College’s Professor Min Hyoung Song …
Viewpoint with Jean Dean
Jean’s first guest was Dr. Michael Doyle MS, Ph.D, Director, Center for Food Safety. Jean’s second half hour was with Min Jin Lee, author of “Free Food For Millionaires.”
NPR: KQED The Writer’s Block
Audio: Happy Ending Reading Series
Tonight, Amanda throws candy at the crowd, it being so close to Halloween and all. And then she is bench-pressed by Benjamin Percy. All wince as Roy Kesey waxes his legs as a performance art/act of protest against the Bush administration. And Min Jin Lee lightens it up a bit by telling us a dirty joke while balancing a spoon — on her nose. They all also read engagingly, even enticingly, and the music is by Max Gabriel.
Radio New Zealand
Nine To Noon … by Min Jin Lee (Hutchinson, ISBN 9780091796181)
NPR, Fresh Air
Min Jin Lee’s debut novel Free Food for Millionaires tells the story of a young Korean-American woman whose Ivy League education exposes her …
NPR Booktour
Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t easy ‚Äî even if you’re a fashion-conscious young woman with an Ivy League degree, a strong sense of …
NPR Tell Me More
Min Jin Lee wanted to capture the experience of children of immigrants living in America. Her debut novel, Free Food for Millionaires, tells the story of Casey Han, a daughter of Korean immigrants living in New York. Lee discusses her book and the passion behind her writing.
NPR On Point
A conversation with Korean-American novelist Min Jin Lee. She’s getting robust praise for her debut novel “Free Food for Millionaires.”
NPR Talk of the Nation
I am really interested in reading though I haven’t read them yet - Min Jin Lee’s‚ Free Food for Millionaires.‚ It’s about the child of immigrant …